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    Post  acidalia on Sat Apr 06, 2013 1:29 am

    So I thought, rather than making one character biography per topic, I would just all the players in my playbill so to speak. If you see someone that you might think would be fun to play with, or one of them inspires you for a story, feel free to mention it here or PM me.

    Name: Carmen Vega
    Race: Werewolf
    Setting: Modern Supernatural
    Age: 32
    Appearance: Thick dark brown hair, large honey brown eyes, small chest, curvy hips and rear, athletic muscle tone, olive toned skin, cuban descent, 5'5''. Closest celeb look-alike is Michelle Rodriguez (more recently, not like in Girlfight)
    Style: Tom boyish. Like ribbed tank tops, ripped shirts, well-worn jeans, heavy boots. Hair is usually natural and down. Likes metal jewelry rather than gems. Likes leather as well.
    Personality: Feisty, stubborn, protective, quick-tempered, holds grudges, untrusting, a leader, strong, holds in her emotions.

    Carmen is the Lupa (alpha female) of her wolf pack. She is married to the rightful Ulfric (alpha male) but he has been in a coma for months. She is mother to a precocious 4 year old boy and fiercely protective. She is loyal, sometimes to a fault. She is not afraid to do what needs to be done for the better welfare of her pack or to protect the ones she loves. She struggles with her wolf, as it is natural for an alpha female to gravitate to the most dominant male wolf, but her human side is completely devoted to her husband.
    Missy's Puppets Sera

    Name: Nicole "Cole" Carter
    Race: Human (Natural Witch with slight precognitive abilities)
    Setting: Modern Supernatural
    Age: 24
    Appearance: Slender frame, straight blonde hair, dark blue eyes, brilliant smile, fair skin, youthful glow. Closest celeb look-alike is Kristen Bell.
    Style: Spunky. Graphic tees, straight leg jeans. Bright colors and fun patterns. Layers. Hats and gloves. Likes crazy socks. Will wear sweet looking dresses in the summer. Has a fun but innocent appearance.
    Personality: Much like her appearance she is bright, cheerful, likes to have fun. She is skeptical but curious and loves to be proven wrong about things because it means things are much more interesting than it should be. She is smart, snarky, but very kind. When she loves, if she ever does, it will be with guns ablazing. Her hear is big and can be easily taken advantage of.

    Cole has been searching for the brother she had never known. She was raised in a family of advanced minds and it was no wonder she was a bit of a brain herself. By the time she was 9 she had already sluethed out the truth from her parents: she was adopted as a very young child. Her parents were killed in a house fire when she was 3, and only her and her older brother, Dominic, survived. Dominic, then 8, was withdrawn and lashed out his feelings often. Cole was adopted quickly and never saw her brother again.

    She promised her mother that she would not go looking for him until she finished school. It was the incentive that drove her to graduate high school at the age of 16 and since then she has been searching for the brother she yearns to know. Along the way, she might find out the truth about who he is... and who she is herself.
    Missy's Puppets Cole1

    Name: Avelina (last name can vary)
    Race: Human
    Setting: Medieval Fantasy
    Appearance: Hourglass figure. Chesty, shapely hips. Heart-shaped face with piercing pale blue eyes that are nearly colorless, framed by dark lashes. Thick, wild, onyx hair that falls past her waist. Pale skin. 5'7. Closest celeb look alike is Amy Lee.
    Style: Rogue-ish. Leathery garments of various colors. Tall leather boots that lace all the way up the back. Tries her best to keep a somewhat clean appearance though she is not the delicate female type. Corsets, belts. Usually carries many daggers, both openly and concealed on her person.

    This is my most adaptable character. If you have ideas, I can throw her in just about anywhere. Race might change based on ideas presented.
    Missy's Puppets Amy-lee-1024x768-17077-1

    Name: Celestine DeWitt
    Race: Cambion
    Age: 28
    Setting: Medieval Fantasy
    Appearance: Pale blond hair, medium skin tone, olive green almond shaped eyes, full lips. Short, slightly thicker in build but not a lot of excess body fat. Medium chest, soft muscle tone.
    Style: Commoner. Earth tones, floor length skirts, common fabrics. Two thick braids
    hang down either side of her face, prefers going barefoot. Wears a holy talisman around her neck.
    Personality: Helpful, trusting, naive, studied, loves nature, protective, has a sense of propriety.
    Abilities: Underlying Pheromone attraction (passive), Enhanced Condition (Stamina, Dexterity), Passive Empath, Empathic Healing (Can take the physical or emotional pain of others into herself to relieve them), Emotional Manipulation (touch ability, stops once contact is broken. The stronger the emotion -such as love or loathing- the harder it is to force it on others), Emotional Energy Manipulation (attack ability. Can create a shockwave of energy to knock people off their feet within a certain range after drawing on the emotional energy of other), Sexual Persuasion (touch ability, must be at full strength), Sexual Healing (Self-Healing by "feeding" off the sexual energy of others), Sexual Strength (Just as she can heal herself with sexual energy, if she is already healed she can give herself a temporary boost in strength with her feeding. She does risk killing those she feeds from in both cases)

    Celestine is the result of an Incubus attack on her mother. Knowing her true heritage, her mother was very protective over her and never let her out of her sight. Because of this, Celestine grew up watching her mother work in the village clinic. A highly skilled herbalist, she passed her knowledge and skill to Celestine who is following in her footsteps. While still pregnant, Celestine's mother sought the aide of a celestial to help her daughter fight off the darkness she was born into. The celestial created a talisman with holy energy and as long as she wears it her cambion side, and abilities, will remain dormant and the Incubus that raped her mother will not find her or be able to claim her as his.

    She has the ability to fall to the sway of her Cambion heritage, especially if lead down the path by someone with less than noble intentions. Once the talisman is off of her neck, her constitution against her nature is severely weakened.

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    Post  Melissa on Fri Apr 12, 2013 1:27 am

    In my boredom, I decided to follow this post up with one of my own. Perhaps less detailed though and probably going to skip characters that nobody knew I had...I've settled on three..nae four.

    1. Rosalyn Lovine
    aliases : Rosalyn Vitollan-legal married name.Nicknames: Ros, Roscoe.
    Marital status: divorced from her cheating bastard of a husband whom she secretly, or not so secretly loves to hate and still sometimes adores.

    Notable relationships listed from most recent to oldest:
    Razlor Vitollan (lots of sexy times)
    Embrich Silverton (no sexy times)
    Nemesio Canales (very brief tryst)
    Razlor Vitollan (married/divorced)
    -rumored though NEVER happened- Boss Kuno
    Embrich Silverton (engaged)
    There was a brief history with a few elves (NOT AT THE SAME TIME) but it should be noted they were brief and nothing serious came of dating these elves who shall not be named.

    Ava Findley (Lovine) Vitollan (adopted/deceased)

    Where has she been and where is she now....Traveling from the mainland at 18 to the infamous Crystal Shores changed her life, and created lifelong friendships...she and those friends traveled from the island to another, Sapphiredge, and then on to Achethe singularly but meeting up again in the future there. Currently Achethe is where she resides despite some traveling. New location being sought out shortly.


    Matilda ...no last name I can recall.
    Occupation: A busty bar wench at the Outpost tavern in Achethe and all around gossip monger.

    Age: ...no idea

    Marital status
    : Woefully alone, forever.

    Notable relationships....
    not so much..

    Children: clearly not.

    Where is she now? Still in Achethe. Still tending the bar. There is no where else for her to go!

    Julian Ambrose
    Occupation: professional dandy
    Age: I forget, 32?
    Marital status: Ha!
    Notable relationships: opium
    One third of a trio of a silly little girl and a mime type guy..don't ask.
    half of London
    a female mage in Achethe.

    Children: No way

    Where is he now? Probably in an opium den dying a slow, but sexy death

    --Missy's Puppets Julian11


    Ma -no last name needed

    Occupation: Pirate

    Notable relationships:..any man she could get her big meaty hands on.

    Where is she now: See image below Smile

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